DigitalBlend focuses on how technology is influencing culture and society through the people that are building, creating, and innovating within their industry.

We tell their stories and showcase the connected networks, places, and things that are changing the way we live.

DigitalBlend is a different type of mobile networking platform and a digital media company.

Your Assistant, Insider Network, and Technology Resource Center

We are building a new type of networking platform that focuses on quality and not quantity.

From builders to users and everyone in between, we are creating better ways to connect you to the most innovative people in your networks. It’s about getting you to those that are there to help and create that value exchange.

To complement your network, we are highlighting the places, brands, tools, and experiences that will help you innovate faster, keep you learning and connected.

Think of it as having a Personal Assistant in your pocket, an AI-driven, always-on digital tool that will always know your current needs. 

Just “say it” and let your network guide you.

Online Media Channel

We tell the stories and showcase conversations on how technology is changing the way culture and society innovates. 

With several original content ideas focused on you, the members of the DigitalBlend network, and other carefully curated partner relationships, we will develop insightful views into the best in technology.

We are building a people-first media network.


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