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We tell stories of the makers, builders, and innovators that are using technology to change the ways we work, play, and live. We are a People first media network.

Current Shows

Here are some of the creative content we have been working on. 

The Connect

The Connect showcases the creators, builders, and innovators that use technology to influence change in their industries, connected networks, and lifestyles.

I Am

From their earliest memories to how technology currently helps them build smarter, join these innovators as we learn more about them, their roles, and watch short stories on how technology influences them.

Upcoming Shows

Ideas we are currently working on and getting ready to launch.

Digital Kitchen

Grab a seat and get your fill as this dinner party and technology round table will be cooking up in-depth conversation and insights while the chefs create their masterpieces.


Our Weekly Reality Show / Vlog that takes a behind the scenes look at the DigitalBlend team as they work, travel, connect, and explore the technology landscape and the people that play in it.

The 10s

This talk show takes a look at the top 10 people across different categories and their technology contributions to culture.

Off The Top

A new and exciting game show where player answer question based on technology culture, crazy facts, weird stories, who said what (famous quotes), where from (location / origin) and other trivia.


Taking a look at some of the most high-end technology on the market, and the makers push the envelope into luxury tech.

What's Up Player

We are exploring the gaming industry and the next innovations to come with the people that are moving it forward.

On Location

From real estate to VR, we are exploring places, space and architecture that are defined by the technology it uses.

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